I have recently been working on an interactive Flash meta-mind map animation to help explain the features and functions assigned to the faculties within various models of the mind. For my first post, I have embedded the “fantasia” portion of my Flash meta-mind map. It represents one portion in a longer interactive map designed to provide an introduction to the faculties of the sensitive soul. It is my intention to evecreate full scale mind maps of various models of the sensitive soul. This video shows a portion of the more elaborate arrangements of the faculties before they were once again popularly pared down to three.

I am using this as a test post to make sure I will be able to post the full interactive version later. I would love to know if I should record audio of the text or leave the text on the screen. If this proves successful, I would also like to make another Flash animated presentation on Galenic humoralism and the processes of digestions which led to the production of various forms of spirit.

NB: As I have yet to become a regular WordPress blog poster, I have not yet subscribed to a web hosting service for my blog, and, since I have not, the formatting here is a little funny, but I hope someone will appreciate my efforts nonetheless. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments or reach me on Twitter @senseshaper.

[gigya align=”center” width=”500″ height=”350″ src=”http://www.senseshaper.comoj.com/fantasia-short-resized-fly.swf?embed_height=400&embed_width=550″]

(Requires Flash player)

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