After a long period in which I let this blog grow fallow, you get two posts in one day! As I sat down to finish up my earlier post on Ficino and the material, mutual gaze, I realized that I have made some woodcuts since my last woodcut post that never made their way from the material of print into the immaterial space of the digital world.

My first was inspired by Slavoj Žižek’s reading of Coke’s famous slogan “Coke is It!” I trust that in this treatment I have finally grasped the objet petit a. Enjoy!

Objet Petit a woodcut “Enjoy!” by senseshaper and inspired by Slavoj Zizek

Additionally, I have continued my quest to #DedigitizeTheArchive by producing more copies of early modern woodcuts.

The first is a copy of William Caxton’s printer’s device.

William Caxton’s printers device as copied by senseshaper

In addition to my project to copy early modern printer’s devices, I have also continued in my quest for a full set of modern copies of Aretino’s “I Modi” or Sixteen Postures. I have now finished Posture 11 and Posture 4. My copies are based on sixteenth century pirated woodcut copies of mostly lost engravings by Marcantonio Raimondi which were in turn based on lost works by Guilio Romano. Copies of copies of copies of sexual acts all in search of the object petit a.

Aretino’s I Modi’s Posture 11 woodcut copy after Marcantonio Raimondi by senseshaper

Aretino’s I Modi’s Posture 4 woodcut copy after Marcantonio Raimondi by senseshaper

To prove that I didn’t only make woodcut porn, I also made a woodcut of Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson.

A senseshaper woocut portrait of Nick Offerman/ Ron Swanson, “Bully for You.”

Relatedly, 2016 was the Year of the Cub, and, as a Cubs fan, I couldn’t let that fantastic season go by without memorializing it in woodcut.

Chicago Cubs woodcut after their 1908 symbol by senseshaper

I also decided to make a woodcut of the University of Virginia’s Rotunda.

University of Virginia (UVA) Rotunda woodcut by senseshaper

And the last one produces a little pain to post. I made it during the 2016 primary in support of doomed candidate Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders woodcut by senseshaper

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